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  1. How I Cheat In Pixel Art

    Pixel Art How I Cheat In Pixel Art

    Software used: Adobe Photoshop Intermediate There's this big notion that goes around that cheating is always a bad thing. Let me start by telling you that, as long as you don't cheat others or yourself, it isn't. Cheating is, in a lot of ways, merely a way of getting quicker and sometimes...
  2. Random Example Assortment for Fusion

    Clickteam Fusion Random Example Assortment for Fusion

    Commented examples for Multimedia/Clickteam Fusion, from ways to move the game camera to creating graphical effects to making a simple main menu. No full game engines. Included: • .mfa file • A couple of extension files just in case Click here to download. No credit of any sort needed, I made...
  3. DarkVampireDee

    Genesis Size Templates For Fan Games

    Hi everyone, DarkVampireDee here but you can call me DVD for short, everyone else does : ) This is a small guide to start off on your fan game, mostly for proper tile size measurements. Everything has been provided by yours truly. The measurements of the templates size are in 128x128 (64x64...
  4. tripplejaz

    Teachyo Self: A Collection of Artistic Resources

    PLEASE NOTIFY ME OF TYPOS WHAT IS THIS? The intent of this thread is to provide resources for those who wish to level up their visual artistic skills. It will be an ongoing list/process. Feel free to add your own helpful resources in the comments and I'll add them to the list. Resources...