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  1. M

    Fan Game Sonic Dungeons Ultimate Demo - Third Release - RESPRITE DEMO

    :emoji_star: UPDATE 2 ARRIVED! :emoji_star: This is a project planning to remake a scratch game released 1 -2 years ago - Sonic Dungeons. I helped in the creation of the game, most notably, drawing the sprites for Sonic himself. Anyways, I liked the project, and it was great for scratch...
  2. O

    Help adding stomp to Orbinaut Framework 2

    I'm trying to add the stomp, kinda like in Sonic Generations. The way it's supposed to work is that pressing Down and R while midair is supposed to set a "StompState" variable from -1 to 0, which locks you into an X speed of 0 and a Y speed of 12. When you land, it should set StompState to 1...
  3. Krispy The Goat

    I Need help understanding Orbinaut Framework

    Currently i'm messing around with the framework, and i've learning some things here and there but since there's no full documentation for things like: - Audio Creation (How to add new music, how to properly loop a song) - More in-depth for the stage/collision creation since the wiki only...
  4. Sonic Revisited - SAGE'22 Proof of Concept

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic Revisited - SAGE'22 Proof of Concept

    About Sonic Revisited is our own take on recreating the first Sonic game from scratch. Unlike 2013 Taxman's port (or Sonic 1 Decompilation, as people like to call it now), we are focusing on staying faithful to original game as much as possible in every aspect. You should understand that it is...
  5. Orbinaut Framework: Green Hill Pack

    Complete Orbinaut Framework: Green Hill Pack

    THE PROJECT IS NOW OPEN SOURCE! "Green Hill Pack" (also known as Green Hill Revisited) is a very faithful remake of (in)famous Green Hill Zone build from the ground up, developed with GameMaker Studio 2 using our Orbinaut Framework! Consider this an...