nights into dreams

  1. NiGHTS Lost Reverie

    Complete NiGHTS Lost Reverie

    NiGHTS Lost Reverie is a fangame that tries to replicate the gameplay and mechanics of the Saturn game NiGHTS into dreams. Your goal is to obtain 4 Ideya (colored orbs) and bring them to the Palace where you start. To obtain an Ideya, collect 20 Blue Chips and enter the Ideya Capture (large...
  2. Heroart110

    Nights; Realm of Dreams

    Nights: Realm of Dreams is a Tech Demo for a Nights game in full 3D. the game explores this concept with new elements to fit the 3rd dimension while keeping the core appeal of Nights Into Dreams. choose from 4 children of courage to help Nights Protect Nighttopia from the Nightmaren's chains...