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  1. is::Engine

    Other is::Engine

    is::Engine (Infinity Solutions::Engine) Open source C++ framework which uses the mechanisms of SFML 2 and which also allows to develop with several libraries at the same time (SDL 2, Emscripten) in order to easily export your games / applications on the Web (HTML 5), Mobile and PC (Windows...
  2. Lloyd the Monkey: Remastered

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Lloyd the Monkey: Remastered

    The Lloyd the Monkey series is branching out into mobile development with a remaster of the first game in the series! Simian swordsman Lloyd Zaru travels the world to take down an evil army, rescue those he holds dear and uncover a secret that will change his life forever! This remaster of the...
  3. X Argon 3D Retro Tunnel Runner

    X Argon 3D Retro Tunnel Runner

    Hello There, I'm Greedy, and this is my second game project, I've been meaning to make a smaller project since i started working on Sonic GT, so this was something I've done as a side project :) Hope you guys like it :) How far can you get?! Can you handle the pace? 3D Retro Stile Action...
  4. Motorbug Engine

    Motorbug Engine

    This is a 360° ("sonic-style") platformer engine completely written in JavaScript and HTML5 allowing you to develop this style of platforming games for the Open Web. Live Demo at: features 360° Genesis-style Sonic physics. Sound effects and music...
  5. Raion


    PLAY the Raion demo now: First download Apple's TestFlight on iOS: THEN click this link on your iOS device to get Raion: Raion is a momentum-based platformer with multiple paths to complete...


    Experience speed and sound, featuring the songs made by YOU guys! Simple but addicting rhythm gameplay takes you through the history of the franchise. download for PC or ANDROID at