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  1. O

    Help adding stomp to Orbinaut Framework 2

    I'm trying to add the stomp, kinda like in Sonic Generations. The way it's supposed to work is that pressing Down and R while midair is supposed to set a "StompState" variable from -1 to 0, which locks you into an X speed of 0 and a Y speed of 12. When you land, it should set StompState to 1...
  2. R

    Retro Chaos -- Sonic Game Engine Video Vlog/Progress series

    Hi all, So I have been working on a game engine in Game Maker Studio 2 for about 3 weeks now, and am currently working on a new game engine (technically not a game engine -- just a system of course) in 2D for retro style platforming beginning with Sonic the Hedgehog physics. Along with that, I...
  3. hombreimaginario

    Questions about tools used

    Hello everyone. My name is Carlos and I'm from Málaga, southern Spain. I'm an advertising copywriter and a member of a small indie dev team. So I've played some Sonic fangames from time to time, but I was wondering, what dev tools and languages are you guys using for your projects? I assume...
  4. Unoriginal Space Shooter (Demo build)

    Unoriginal Space Shooter (Demo build)

    In the year 2XYZ A Spaceship came out of nowhere and started to shoot at things only for one reason : Score. Yes, it is indeed... An Unoriginal Space Shooter. This Sonic Mania mod, made by both SuperSonic16 and I, aims to be a Sonic Mania mod that doesn't play nor feel like Mania at all, hence...