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Sonic World Remix


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SONIC WORLD REMIX is a remake of the 1997 Sonic Jam 3d promo level "Sonic World" using Unreal Engine 4.

The project idea is to recreate fully the level, adapting and adding new content to enhance the experience to current generation.

New to the level are the interiors, adding a depth to how the player can interact with the items of the galleries, having the original slideshow mode and all items displayed inside the gallery buildings.
Missions are just like the originals, with everything in the same place. Tails and flickies roam the scenario, giving more life to it like the original. The buildings exteriors received a redesign too, while trying to keep as close to the original as possible.

Graphics are enhanced to the bleeding edge, so that the game looked as most pleasing visually as possible. This also demands a good graphic card;
Most of the content (more than 99%) were custom created from scratch including models, textures, codebase;
Some content from the original games like the character itself will be replaced too in the future;
A new cutscene based on the original intro from Sonic Jam is also being done.

All videos can be found on the Updates Tab.
More images:

Sonic World Remix Desert Scene.jpg

Sonic World Remix Nighttime.jpg


Update history of Sonic World Remix:

2018.7 - SAGE OVERVIEW TRAILER - several new small details
video coming soon.

2018.6 - Pre SAGE 1 - Better colors, new textures, character movement updates

2018.5 - Flickies, daycycle working, cutscene area

2018.4 - Hall of Fame Interior Comparison Before & After renovation

2018.3 - New objects and improvements, Hall of Fame interior renovation

2018.2 - Nighttime and daycycle

2018.1 - Several improvements

2015 - UE4 Port and Interiors

2014 - UDK Release


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