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Sonic Regress - Robotnik's Rampage (Demo 1)

This was pretty great. I enjoyed all the little graphical touches and tweaks, like the HUD recoloration, the more prominent pupils in the eyes, et cetera. Theming at least this first level around Sonic 3D Blast / Flickies' Island was refreshing as well, even as the game played mainly like a more traditional Sonic game. Even includes the golden homing shield! And props for making a Sonic fangame where you can ACTUALLY push things, and find secrets that way! For how many fangames implement pushing, it's rare any actually use it. So well done!

I really like this game. May be a bit biased since I'm a bit involved in this but well.

The acts shown in this are really outstanding. You've done a great job with them. They have quite a flow to them.

Little touches such as the checkpoint signs just make this much more interesting.

I only have nitpicks with this, for example, is that you could have added some bigger tile variation. Like, see Green Hill Zone's tileset, it has a few "bumps" in it and etc.

Another nitpick of mine is that the zone you chose doesn't make this demo stand out. I think you should have started development from another more unique stage (such as "CGZ"/"BPZ") since as from what you've shown there's a lot more impressive stuff you've concepted.

I would also like to see you try programming/coding more, even though I know that's something you are not quite capable of, the only way of learning is to try.
The controls are pretty comfy, and the elemental shields work pretty well! Level design is pretty easy-going ( as it should be, since it's the first level in the game ) but it's a very enjoyable experience, Sunlit Virid Zone looks great and the music is one of my favorite tracks in the genesis titles, really gave me a nice and welcoming vibe.

The graphics are beautiful, I like the way Sonic looks, and I must say, I also really like the way the flicky/bird badnik looks like XD. Overwall a good experience, definetly recommend checking it out!