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Sonic Freedom (Alpha Preview)

this game seems cool but i cant play it because the only resolution is to big for my computer monitor and so i cant play it hopefully when another version comes out there is more options for the size
THIS GAME LOOKS AND FEELS PHENOMENAL, and I only have a few issues.

1. The bullet dash is a genius concept, but I wish you could aim with the mouse instead of WASD because holding x and then aiming is difficult, especially aiming diagonal.

2. I wish there was a way for me to map the Spin-dash to shift. it being the same button as jump isn't ideal.

3. When you stand on a slope, instead of rolling down, you just get stuck and can no longer move, until you jump away.

4. General collision issues.

how do i play it i install it alot but it no work i am 9 years old o
Xavi the hedgehog
how do you get it
i want x64 version!!!!!
I LOVE THIS. I mean, it's super short, but as a demo I loved just running around and feeling it out. I think there's a lot of potential here and I'd love to see a full game with this movement. The art style, that's what got me in. The Sonic CD intro is my favorite intro of any game ever and I reference it in my stream intro/channel trailer. I adore this art style and loved the feel of the movement. I played this as part of most recent birthday stream and I really can't wait to see what's to come in the future of Sonic Freedom.
Great game. Just a little bit of bugs here and there like this one, idk what happened


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Kan The Hedgehog
Kan The Hedgehog
Sonic just wants to sleep lol
It's really fun to play especially with bullet dash
I'd like to point out this area which has weird collision near the checkpoint
other than that I love it and cant wait to see this release
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Sonic from the Sonic CD intro/from the OVA/from the Mania intro is my favourite sonic art style so seeing a game in this style is god damn good, i also like the Bullet Dash mechanic even tho i don't know where that came from, and the ability to curl while airborne and on ground is just divine, i knew that mechanic from a S3 A.I.R Mod and since then i wanted it in every game

Keep going man
This is an amazing game! I really love it! though there is this glitch that anoys me... If you can patch it that would be great man! thanks for making this demo!


Its just excellent the mecanincs that Ova Sonic i just love this
just amazing the 2d is beautiful. i wish that Sega would help fan makers out frfr it would sell like hotcakes. and give you the funds to push this game out. absoultely AAA might try DOTEMU they worked with sega and they could help
Sonic wont stop looking down i cant figure out how to fix it even if im not touching the keyboard he is just looking down
this is fixed when i switch to a controller but the up and down axis is backwards so when im pressing up he looks down and vise versa
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ok on the input settings the first movent inputs should be set to be dpad, and the second input setting should be set to be the analog stick
Nicki Manaji
Nicki Manaji
Omg I Love This Game !
love it but there's a problem of Mac download, it says there's no document for it to open
Confusing level design, but otherwise incredibly beautiful aesthatic. Excited to see what comes next, hopefully the level design is less vertical and more traditional.
It's a pretty good demo, although I do think this is just scratching the surface of what this gameplay style is capable of. The level design could use some work too. Otherwise, this is an amazing demo.
Overall, 9/10.
Best alpha I've ever played in my life,download as fast as you can :D
how do you download what app do you need to use to play this??????????? plleassssssssseeeeeeeee heeeeelp
@levthelev There is a file you can download. You can only play this game on a PC and Mac.
An excellent feeling and looking demo, was waiting for this and it was aw well deserved wait, can't wait till more levels happen; also I found that shard
I think you meant to write a review instead of replying to mine
what app do you have to get to play this???