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Sonic 3 Beta - Knuckles - Expanded



MrSonicSMSSpriter (me) - Most of the sprites in this sheet.
Shinbaloonba - The hands on Knux's Idle animation.
CrazyLifeGamer - The Skidding animation.
Spinzone (mcginnis03) - The Running and Victory animations and some heads on some sprites along with finished balanced sprites.
paveldechev0604 - The Hang, Rotation, Balance, Hang 2, Stand CS, AIZ Vine Swing, Hang Spin, HPZ Cutscene part 2 sprites and the Mania styled sprite.
xxxJohnnieWalker2005 - Fixed the Fan sprites.
TannerTH25 - The Chuckling sprites.
Smoke-The-Pyroling - The alt. flume sprite and tweaked the death and drowning sprites.
RomanTheRTD - The super palettes.
UltraEpicLeader100 - The S1 Ending and STT, KC, SB, SJ, SPA and MG palettes.
SKITZCAT - The data select icon.
bennascar - Frames 1 and 2 of HPZ cutscene.
JimmyCablesYouTuber - The life icon, Mini Knuckles and the Continue icon.

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