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SAGE 2023 - Demo Possess Quest Demo (SAGE 2023)

Honestly I am quite surprised with this one, it's an unique take in a platformer and the concept is unique.

The gameplay of possesing enemies and using their powers is something I rarely if ever seen, and I think for the five levels it has each enemy has an unique quirk, because of this rather than a platformer it's more of a strategy/puzzle game. You really need to work your brain in order to get to the next stage and know what each enemy does it is already very good and it has so much potential.
As for the audiovisual aspect, it's fine I guess, graphics are okay and the music is adequate, nothing much to say.

Nevertheless, the gameplay alone carries the game, because for how unique each mechanic is and that each of them control well, so for originality factor alone, I give you five stars.
Hey thanks for writing this review and I'm glad you enjoyed it! If you're able to, could you explain how I might be able to improve the visuals? Cause I'm really unsure of that myself with the artstyle I'm going with, I've seen other games with thick outlines that look a bit more stylized though I'm not sure how best to replicate that here or if I even should. The music meanwhile is almost definitely placeholder, not too happy with it anymore to be honest lol
Probably adding more personality to the enemies and the mc would work, perhaps using bolder colors in combination too? I think those could be good starts. with more personality I mean like the MC having more visual flare, I mean you can make a stickman iconic(See: Fancy Pants Man), or the enemies expressing, like if that helicopter guy looked he's struggling to lift up that'd be funny.
I'm just throwing ideas on the wall.
Possess Quest is a puzzle platformer with a very unique premise. If an enemy kills you, you become that enemy and you have to use said abilities to get through specific parts of the stages. So unlike in say SMB, DKC, or Sonic, you just can't go through a stage killing enemies without a care or you could very well trap yourself. In my opinion this concept was executed flawlessly in this demo.
I will not give away spoilers, that opening is one of the best I have ever seen!

I look forward to coming back to this demo after SAGE and I look forward to checking out the full game!