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Hello and welcome to the SAGE 2018 booth for PETRICHOR.
Thanks for stopping by! We are LAMP LIGHTER STUDIOS and we hope you are enjoying your time browsing SAGE and checking out all the amazing projects the expo has to offer. We are beyond excited to be a part of the expo and show off our project. This is our first game and we've been hard at work for a little over 2 years putting it together. What we have to offer is a small tech demo showcasing a glimpse of what the game will feature when it's complete, so keep in mind that assets, effects and audio are all subject to change and may be incomplete. But we are confident that what we're showing you here at SAGE represents the spirit of PETRICHOR and we hope you enjoy your time with it.

PETRICHOR is inspired by the frantic, explosive gameplay of shoot-em-ups and run-n-guns from the 80s and 90s combined with a sense of sprawling adventure and exploration. You take on the role of The Spaceman, a mercenary sellship on a quest to discover the mysteries of the dread moon Petrichor. You will face hoards of possessed robots and hostile wildlife as you navigate six levels toward the moon's core where you must defeat the haunted supercomputer that controls the ruined alien facility built here thousands of years ago.

We are so excited to bring you this project and we hope you get a kick out of it, because we really enjoy making it. Again, thanks for checking us out and have fun!!

We recommend using a gamepad for a complete experience, but we won't judge you if you don't.

Left Stick: Move
X Button (Xbox360): Shoot
Left and Right bumpers: Hold facing position / strafe

Arrow keys: Move
S or Space: Shoot
A and D: Hold facing position / strafe

Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content


You play PETRICHOR as The Spaceman, a mercenary
who is tasked with discovering the secrets of the dread
moon Petrichor. In this demo, he is equipped with a plasma
shot blaster that can be upgraded. However, his arsenal
will be greatly expanded upon in the final game.


The natural wildlife of Petrichor is not always friendly.
This little guy hangs out in groups and will attack The
Spaceman if he ventures too close to them. They are
quick to leave him alone however, so a hasty retreat
is no problem when you're in a pinch.

Many hostile robots roam the caves and halls of
this dark and dreaded moon. They are fierce and
quick and will give chase relentlessy, so make
sure you are prepared before taking on a swarm.


Enemies and crates have a random chance to drop
these pickups which restore a bit of your health.
Very handy for any survival adventure.

This mysterious substance will grant you an extra
life, so keep your eyes peeled.

The contents of this box will upgrade your plasma
blaster weapon to the next tier, granting your
bullets greater firepower and speed.


Art and Design: Mylz
Programming: Sofox
Level Design: Monty

Special thanks to Scott for the title screen music!!

Made using Godot Engine

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Find a bug? Have a question, comment or suggestion? Email us!
[email protected]

Latest reviews

Not for the faint of heart, Petrichor is perhaps a little too tough to start with in this demo. I've spoken with one of the developers, and recommended 360° aiming to counter the aggressive drones that can fire in any direction. But that aside, there's a lot of character to this lonely space adventure. Smart ideas like showing your position through foreground obstructions, and really excellent sound design and mixing. Play this one with headphones. Lots to explore, give this one a try! Just keep an ear out for those drones.

Thanks for the review and feedback!! We've definitely taken comments towards the difficulty to heart and are working on many more features that will let you wreak some real havoc on the foes you'll face in this space adventure. Stay tuned!!
The atmosphere is great, really get a sense of loneliness and being in an alien world out of this. It controls well, I enjoy how it looks and I can't wait to see what will be done with this in the future.
Thanks for the feedback!!! :D


This game was good! But I think there is a few things that could make this better. How about adding a shield or something to make the enemy projectiles easier to avoid? And also maybe tone down on the enemies?
This game was good! But I think there is a few things that could make this better. How about adding a shield or something to make the enemy projectiles easier to avoid? And also maybe tone down on the enemies?
Thanks for the input!! Abilities and upgrades such as a shield or a quick dash are most definitely planned for the future, plus consumable items like invincibility or time stop.

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