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Dancin' Divas (SAGE '21 Demo)

I think it plays very well for a demo!

- Fun graphical style, reminds me a lot of Battletoads
- Lots of voice acting per character which is hard to get all setup
- Each character plays differently a la Final Fight/Streets of Rage
- Music was very fun, there's a very nice presentation overall
- Any beat 'em up with grabs is a + for me
- I like the variety of moves you have

- SoR-style grab lacks i-frames, often you get punished for accidentally grabbing an enemy. Although the forward throw seems to work a lot better than the back
- Second boss fight two punishing? Incredibly quick changes means you basically just have to jump attack between huge damaging and fast moves
- Attacks lack a lot of reach, you have little vertical space to your hits and little horizontal space (even for the Zan-girl),
- Often full combos won't connect with each other, inconsistent hitboxes maybe?
- You're probably already aware of the stage bug that doesn't save your character if you game over, so if you game over, switch a character, and move (in my experience it was always stage 3) to the next stage - you just get your original character
- The DP (down up) and the side attack didn't seem very useful? You couldn't combo into them and the side attack often left you open.
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Thanks for the feedback! Time for me to check out how to fix them up ^^
whoops, this is where you can review stuff. I already said this in the comments but
oh well Imma post it here anyways

Came for the cute girls, stayed for the gameplay + character design.
I love this game, hands down (or is that hands up?)

-the MIDI music is great
-Voice acting was unexpected but welcomed
-Animations are minimal but that's what makes it express more weight to attacks
-cultural representation works for the characters' special moves [e.g. hina's gong move]
-enemy names are Whitty
-the bosses being Halloween themed is awesome
-everyone's screen clearing move is creative
-I had a big stupid smile across my face the entire time I was playing
-THANK YOU for not having to reset the whole game when you lost all your lives
-short cutscenes, more gameplay baby
-sofia busts a move during her special attack which makes her best girl

-with the car chase, you can camp in the bottom and not get hit by barrels
-it would have been cool to go through the holes in the walls [e.g. the robot breaks the wall at the starting level and after you beat it, you can walk to the wall to access a secret level or shop]
-that's it really.

Hope this review was helpful!
I wish you the best of luck
Thanks for the critique! There are bugs other people found playing it that I gotta fix too. So expect some updates ^^