The theme is:
"Sonic Mania 2"
and you have from January 31st to February 14th
to create the dream sequel the fans were destined to make.

RAGE 2024 will begin January 31st, and all submissions will be due by February 14th.
The goal is to make the stupidest, silliest, and terrible game within the theme of this year, which is to make a sequel to Sonic Mania 2. As always, here's the rules you must follow.
  • No nsfw, hateful content of any kind, obviously.
  • Needs to follow the theme, at least loosely. (Have fun with it, there's a lot of freedom)
  • No spam, ad or harmful content and no messing around with people's Windows.
  • Must be done by the the deadline.
  • Using frameworks or done assets is completely fine, you can do whatever.
  • No AI usage, jokes can be made about AI, but no generative art may be used.
  • Needs to be bad.
  • Deadline is February 14th, 11:59pm PT. You have exactly two weeks to make your game, make it count.
  • Submit your game to the email below.
The almighty MotorRoach will be doing a live stream of the wonderful projects you send in. More info about this will be shared later.


Send your bad games to this e-mail:
[email protected]