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  1. Adonis_StickmanSFGHQ

    Hack Untitled Sonic 1 hack

    Hi everyone! I just joined this site. For context I was making a Sonic 1 rom hack so I can post it here, and on Gamejolt. So If anyone wants to join in, please feel free to do so.
  2. Sonic Revisited - SAGE'22 Proof of Concept

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic Revisited - SAGE'22 Proof of Concept

    About Sonic Revisited is our own take on recreating the first Sonic game from scratch. Unlike 2013 Taxman's port (or Sonic 1 Decompilation, as people like to call it now), we are focusing on staying faithful to original game as much as possible in every aspect. You should understand that it is...
  3. Audiobotguy03

    Fan Game Vintage Sonic (A Sonic 1 clone-ish thing)

    So I recently started working on this Sonic 1 "clone" fan-game (and engine) in Construct Classic, I call it Vintage Sonic (Yes, it's not the most creative or sense making name, but whatever). As of now, the only completed thing is the title screen, but I'll update this post with new screenshots...
  4. Poyo Poyo Sonic

    Poyo Poyo Sonic

    Poyo Poyo Sonic is a Rom Hack by PoyoSonic, play as Sonic as you run around, bash badniks,and stop Eggman's scheme.
  5. Sonic Arcus 2D - SAGE ALPHA

    Sonic Arcus 2D - SAGE ALPHA

    Sonic Arcus 2D is an engine while based on Sonic 3 & Knuckles, aims to replicate as many sonic games as possible with both the classic and modern feel ( in future releases ) It will contain a huge number of features and gimmicks that will let even those who know nothing about game developing...