1. Sonic 1: Green Hill Revisited

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic 1: Green Hill Revisited

    UPDATE AS 01/18/2021: Sonic 1 Revisited is canceled due to decompilation of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 2013 releases. S1R is now a standalone Green Hill tech demo of Orbinaut Framework. We might update the project later to keep it clear that it has been discontinued. We'll continue to develop our...
  2. Sonic Remastered (Rushed Demo Plz Don't Play)

    Sonic Remastered (Rushed Demo Plz Don't Play)

    This project attempts to completely remake the original sonic 1 with new level design, game gear stages (along with ones from sonic chaos and 2GG.), voice acting, remade music, a playable amy and more, most of those aren't implemented yet but will be soon, i might post some progress updates on...
  3. Audiobotguy03

    Fan Game Vintage Sonic (A Sonic 1 clone-ish thing)

    So I recently started working on this Sonic 1 "clone" fan-game (and engine) in Construct Classic, I call it Vintage Sonic (Yes, it's not the most creative or sense making name, but whatever). As of now, the only completed thing is the title screen, but I'll update this post with new screenshots...
  4. Poyo Poyo Sonic

    Poyo Poyo Sonic

    Poyo Poyo Sonic is a Rom Hack by PoyoSonic, play as Sonic as you run around, bash badniks,and stop Eggman's scheme.
  5. Sonic Arcus 2D - SAGE ALPHA

    Sonic Arcus 2D - SAGE ALPHA

    Sonic Arcus 2D is an engine while based on Sonic 3 & Knuckles, aims to replicate as many sonic games as possible with both the classic and modern feel ( in future releases ) It will contain a huge number of features and gimmicks that will let even those who know nothing about game developing...