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  1. Sonic Sprint // Metal Matchup Demo

    Demo Sonic Sprint // Metal Matchup Demo

    IF YOU DON'T WANNA DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE THING, JUST PLAY IT HERE!!! Sonic Sprint is a stylish 2D auto-runner made entirely in Scratch! Story: After getting pulled into a mysterious plane of existence from a Cyber Storm, Sonic must race through familiar...
  2. Sonic ROCKET Revamp Framework

    SAGE 2021 - Framework Sonic ROCKET Revamp Framework

    Hey, I'm Extem the Hedgehog, and I made a thing. Hello, people of the Sonic Community! Recently, I've been working on an easy-to-edit Modern Sonic Framework in Scratch using Tomicool's Genesis Sonic Engine as a base. I've based it on the mechanics of the Rush and Advance series' with a few...
  3. SPS (Sonic Pet Simulator)

    Complete SPS (Sonic Pet Simulator)

    1.3 version. something that i made in SPACE: sleep FEED: click chili dog
  4. G

    SPS (Sonic Pet Simulator)

    A game created on scratch SPACE: sleep FEED: click chili dog C KEY: music V KEY: stop music Also on and SCRATCH LINK: ITCH.IO LINK: