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sage '22

  1. SAGE '22 INTERVIEWS - Sabrina DiDuro

    SAGE '22 INTERVIEWS - Sabrina DiDuro

    Welcome to another SAGE ‘22 Interview! Today I (Rummy) Will be interviewing Sabrina DiDuro from GalaxyTrail, Sabrina is the producer behind Freedom Planet and the founder of GalaxyTrail and I managed to get a hold of her right before the release of the highly anticipated sequel, Freedom Planet...
  2. SAGE '22 INTERVIEWS - Tpot

    SAGE '22 INTERVIEWS - Tpot

    This SAGE ‘22 Interview is an interview between I (Rummy) and Tpot. Tpot has been a part of SFGHQ for a very long time, having worked on many fan game projects. In the past few years he ventured out of the fan game scene and released his first commercial title called Teabat! Between his creative...
  3. KingPigGameStudios / KPGS

    Demo Bad Piggies - King Pig's Hunt

    READY FOR THE ULTIMATE EGGS-PERIENCE ? A mysterious and powerful menace has come to shows his absolute rage and hunger: The Blackon ! He's about to create chaos and disaster... and rule over law and disorder, by taking your entire stock of eggs ! Alongside his royal comrades, they seek a...
  4. SAGE '22 INTERVIEWS - PixelsTay & SAWhane

    SAGE '22 INTERVIEWS - PixelsTay & SAWhane

    In this interview, both i (Rummy) and DaisukeDoi gathered to ask questions to both PixelsTay and SAWhane. You may know PixelsTay for being the lead behind Sonic & Knuckles Newtrogic Panic (Don’t forget Illusion Specter as well, it’s his Indie Project!) There's also SAWhane here who is a co-lead...
  5. October Ordeal (SAGE 2022 Demo)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo October Ordeal (SAGE 2022 Demo)

    October Ordeal is a SMW ROM-Hack that I have been slowly working on for the past 5 years. Initially started out as a 10 level short hack that is currently being expanded into a 40+ level SMW hack that explores various aesthetic environments pertaining to Halloween and general dark aesthetics...