1. Bun n' Gun

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Bun n' Gun

    Welcome to Bun n' gun! The game that stars a rabbit who has a gun! For SAGE we have a 1 level demo representing the first level of the game, switch weapons elements, fire type, collect chips and discover alternate paths and secrets. Think you have what it takes to fight the giant snake that's...
  2. Cast'N'Blast: SAGE 2020 Demo Version

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Cast'N'Blast: SAGE 2020 Demo Version

    Solita's home, the Magical Castle, has been overtaken by a group of troublemakers, and they've unleashed monsters in every nook and cranny. Hopping rabbit-eating plants, bullet seed spitting flowers, copycat wizards, and other devious baddies roam the castle, hoping to stop her in her tracks...