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  1. Super Freaks Classic Pack

    SAGE 2023 - Complete Super Freaks Classic Pack

    ITCH.IO LINK So, cut your teeth on Super Freaks 1 Ultimate Edition and want more classic Super Freaks stuff? Who am I to say no? This pack contains every classic Super Freaks game I could grab, including a few that have never been released online beforehand. WARNING: This pack contains...
  2. Espio (Chaotix)

    Espio (Chaotix)

  3. V

    The olden days

    Does anyone still have those old Click Sprites from 2005? I think they're pretty useful for joke games and stuff like that. And also I'm too lazy to import all of the sprites for game making by myself. There's this one sprite rip of Sonic 3 that I need. And also "ringless" versions of Sonic...