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newtrogic panic

  1. SAGE '22 INTERVIEWS - PixelsTay & SAWhane

    SAGE '22 INTERVIEWS - PixelsTay & SAWhane

    In this interview, both i (Rummy) and DaisukeDoi gathered to ask questions to both PixelsTay and SAWhane. You may know PixelsTay for being the lead behind Sonic & Knuckles Newtrogic Panic (Don’t forget Illusion Specter as well, it’s his Indie Project!) There's also SAWhane here who is a co-lead...
  2. Core Framework

    Clickteam Fusion Core Framework

    Download: Credits Project Lead: Nihil. Main Programming: Nihil, Lighto and YohananDiamond. Programming: Nihil, Lighto, YohananDiamond, Chopp, Dark and Yonatankr. Art: Tyson Tay, joshyflip, Dolphman, Ainand, Yolkin, Tales499...