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  1. El Misterioso

    I need a lot of help with my project

    Hello to everyone who enters here, I will say it as a Programmer, I do not know how to make 3D models or most of the things that are needed to make a Fangame, the Fangame in question is called Project Together (Sonic Generations 2) I need help with the UI and models 3D if there is someone who...
  2. TheCliffStudios

    Level Prefab Pack V1.0

    Hello, I'm here to share a small pack of basic Models for quick prototyping of levels, each part is a multiple of 2.5m which makes them all tile well on a 2.5m grid, each one has 6/5 materials for each side as seen below. This allows you to put a custom texture on each side, EG. Grass on the...
  3. A

    Sonic classic with animations ?

    Hi guys! I started working on a sonic game using unity and Sonic Generation's green hill zones. I uncompiled many sonic games to try to get a solid sonic classic model with animations. For now I have a compressed ".mesh" asset with many animations but I'm still looking for a real 3D model with...