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  1. SAGE '23 INTERVIEWS - Prototype Theta

    SAGE '23 INTERVIEWS - Prototype Theta

    NOTE: This interview was taken in 2022, and has been updated to correct any changes made since then. Hello and welcome to SAGE 2023! We are back speaking with Proto from Strange Matter, one of the lead developers behind Starbuster, a game that has been at various SAGE events over the years. In...
  2. SAGE '22 INTERVIEWS - PixelsTay & SAWhane

    SAGE '22 INTERVIEWS - PixelsTay & SAWhane

    In this interview, both i (Rummy) and DaisukeDoi gathered to ask questions to both PixelsTay and SAWhane. You may know PixelsTay for being the lead behind Sonic & Knuckles Newtrogic Panic (Don’t forget Illusion Specter as well, it’s his Indie Project!) There's also SAWhane here who is a co-lead...