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  1. W

    competition mode

    you could probably make an entire 2d sonic game from the competition mode level themes
  2. botebot

    Are there any Sonic Games people find objectively bad, which you like?

    And if so, what makes you enjoy these games? Mine is Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric. I like me some platformer beat-em-Up co-op games. And I especially like the Boom Universe and its inhabbits! I have more interest in the story, characters, and adventure in general then the actual gameplay (aslong...
  3. TheBlueRenegade

    Danganronpa Series Discussion [SPOILER WARNING]

    Since I haven't seen a dedicated thread to the series and I'm quite a huge fan myself, I thought I'd make a thread for the Danganronpa video game/anime series. For those out of the loop, Danganronpa is a series of visual novels developed by Spike Chunsoft, that mainly revolve around the idea of...