1. Teabat!

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Teabat!

    Notice! Please download from ! The guardian bat of Camomile Forest is awoken by a plethora of spooks stealing all the tea! No option but to take chase and restore the forest! Flutter around a big seamless world, bopping ghosts and collecting tea in style on your...
  2. Teabat! - XMAS 2019 Demo

    Demo Teabat! - XMAS 2019 Demo

    A little bat who is sworn to protect his forest of tea is awoken by a strange invasion of spooks! Flutter around a big connected world, bopping ghosts and collecting tea on your way to solve the mystery! There's 66 teapots to collect across the world, collect as many as you can! (you'll need...
  3. Teabat - Batday Demo

    Teabat - Batday Demo

    A short game by me and PicsAndPixels for Tpot's birthday. Made in the style of a Commodore 64 game. Great Lange - coding, music, sound PicsAndPixels - sprites Controls: Enter - Start Arrows - Move left and right Z - Bat Q - Sleep