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  1. B

    Looking For 2D Animator

    Hello I'm looking for someone who is willing to help animate cutscenses for my project in which i will give credit for said cutscenes also ive included a script and model sheets if you have any questions then please contact me at Beavis1993#8459 on discord
  2. BlackFlamingo93

    New Sonic Beat Em' Up Game - LOOKING FOR TEAM TO HELP!

    We're developing a new Sonic 2D fangame, currently working out the intricate stuff! Sprites are currently being done! And what we're looking for is: Programmer(s) Can't have a game without these MVPs! People skilled in beat em' up-type games are preferred (obviously)! I won't profess to know...
  3. A

    Sonic classic with animations ?

    Hi guys! I started working on a sonic game using unity and Sonic Generation's green hill zones. I uncompiled many sonic games to try to get a solid sonic classic model with animations. For now I have a compressed ".mesh" asset with many animations but I'm still looking for a real 3D model with...