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  1. Sonic Involution

    Sonic Involution

    Sonic Involution was supposed to translate into 3D the classic formula by adding racing mechanics. Instead, it ended up blending together pretty much all Sonic games (and a couple of non-Sonic games) into a Lovecraftian beast that somehow menages to have its own identity. Ever asked yourself...
  2. Mr. Triangle Mania 2 - Alpha Demo

    Mr. Triangle Mania 2 - Alpha Demo

    (Get the full version of the game here: ------------------------------- (WARNING: This game contains swearing and a few drug jokes. In a ""humorous"" manner that can't be taken seriously, but still.) Mr. Triangle Mania...
  3. Sonic Alpha

    Sonic Alpha

    A mysterious recurrence happened once again as Angel Island is seen landed in the ocean and to top it off little planet is seen right above it in the sky! What is going on? And what's Eggman / Dr.Robotnik up too? Find out in the next episode of- er, I mean, find out in Sonic Alpha! (Sorry that's...