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this is a really good revamp/fangame. I really enjoyed the demo and how Blaze played when I played as her.

If I could give some suggestions on what characters to add it would be Mighty, Ray, And Honey. Just A thought tho, Amazing work!
Aiden S
The gameplay, the widescreen, and the characters will make me replay this game more often. Awesome job, I´ll keep supporting this project.

I adore the Sonic Advance games and am glad somebody's revamping them.

I like the way
plays as well.
Well, i'm glad that finally someone are trying to port Sonic Advance from Game Boy Advance to PC and make it look and play better. Demo looks good, but i have a problem with it. For some reason, when i change the size of game's window, it starting to work slow. But, when i resize window by pressing on it's function by mouse, so it would resize itself for a full screen, then it runs normally, without any slowdown. But then there is another problem. While playing, after i get from one act to another, screen just messed up and it starting to show me my desktop instead of the game itself. And even resizing the window doesn't help. And when i press any button, then i can hear the game doing something, but i can't see what, because it continue to show me my desktop screen instead of game screen. So yeah, fix this two problems, add control configuration and normal gamepad support and this will be awsome game.
For what little the demo had I enjoyed it. (I think revamping it means removing omochao.) Video:
Sonic Advance is my favorite Sonic Game EVER
The feel of the game is so fresh in this 'Revamp'.
Although, i do have a few suggestions.....
1. Isn't Blaze too unfair for being the only character here that can boost?
Try doing this: Add a monitor that gives you a Boost meter. if you find another Boost monitor you get another Boost level (the color levels on the meter).
2. Make a story for it. What SAdv. lacks from it's sequels are story.
3. Rail Grinding? if it's impossible for SWD, maybe find a way. I love grinding!
4. Zone Order. Not CPZ first before SBZ
5. Diffrent backgrounds for each act. A BIG SUGGESTION
6. Shadow's Damage Sprite.It sticks out of all the other character sprites.

That's all for now tho. I'm planning to make MY own remake of Advance based more on Story Emphasis.
Thanks for this wonderful inspiration!
Also, I Made a custom logo here as a fan. (P.S. the discord server invite in the title screen is invalid for me)


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1: Blaze's Boost Gauge is incredibly dependent on you, the player, keeping it full by destroying enemies and busting open certain monitors. If you find yourself Boosting for a long time and not running out of charge, it means you're good at the game.
2: The game isn't done yet ._.
3: The game isn't done yet <_<
4: The Game Isn't Done Yet
5: There already are
6: Yeah, hoping to edit that.
Again, my game isn't done yet and an actual story will be heavily implemented later on. Feel free to, uh. Make your own game, I guess. The logo from Demo 1.5 is way too flashy and doesn't fit with the rest of the game. Your version of the logo is also very flashy, but I appreciate it.
If the Discord link in the game doesn't work for you, either you wrote it incorrectly or you were banned from it on one of your accounts :p
This is really amazing, the engine is exactly of the original advance trilogy.
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I like the game, but it's missing something. In Sonic Advance there is a code where you can play as sonic and have tails follow you just like in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Will there be a sonic and tails mode?
You can already play as Sonic and Tails with Duo Mode <_<"
While I have never played the originals, it seems very consistent with the Game Boy both visually and auditively.
The game has a heavy focus on character diversity and doesn't have a lot of stage content to offer, however so far the game seems polished enough and plays super well, it's capable of bringing fun. The only frustrating thing is the first boss, which I was not able to dodge no matter which character I tried.
It has some minor bugs which are to be expected in game, however most bugs have to do with the fullscreen option and also the fact that the main screen might be lacking the controller support extensions in the frame, making controller players have to hit "Enter" on keyboard before going back to their controller.
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First and foremost thank you for creating this! Sonic Advance is one of my favorite games and this an awesome recreation of it. The original 4 characters feel faithful to the original game, and the new ones feel very inovating and fitting. The levels are pretty much the same but somehow feel improved. You surely did a good job on it!

btw I'm pretty sure Cheese isn't functioning as intended, in the first demo he worked just fine but now he doesn't attack targets half of the time, he simply comes back to Cream without striking an attack
Yeah, I noticed the thing with Cheese too and I'm honestly not sure what's causing. I'll be sure to try and fix that!
(copied from my big review)

Faithfulness to original: This was a pretty faithful port of the original, yes, I said port. This does a few stuff to make it worthwhile though. The physics of Sonic World Delta unsuprising mesh well with the original level design. Not much I have to say otherwise.

New features: While all of the characters play the same as their original counterparts, Sonic now has a drop dash. O k a y. But Shadow is playable too, he has a homing attack that tends to break stages a little. F a i r E n o u g h. It also has Duo mode, I thought it would be the same thing as Advance 3, but BOY WAS I DISSAPOINTED. (at least delay it a few years so we can have the advance 3 partner system smh)

Rebreak, Re-meh, [Remake], Reinvent. This gets a [Remake], This will be the grading system for remakes, inspired by the YouTuber EPG.
If I didn't follow EPG, I'd think you were crazy! ;p
Saw SAGE 2018 is up, and this was the first one I want to try.

Plays a lot like Sonic Advance 1 indeed! Noticed a few Genesis-era sound effects in there - honestly I'd love to see an modern style Sonic 1 (or a classic styled Sonic Advance 1) or replace all the music and sound with Mega Drive-styled (or CD style, or Mania style...) remixes.

Nice use of the Advance sprites and backgrounds, a pretty faithful recreation of the game. Not sure what your future plans are, but an Encore mode ala Mania may be fun, mix up the levels a bit.

Keep it up!
I'm glad you liked it!! The Genesis sound effects are there either because there wasn't a good Advance equivalent (example: Kiki's bombs) or it was just nicer on the ears (example: Tails flying)