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Pizza Tower SAGE2019 Demo

Perfect. This might just be the best Pizza Tower demo ever! If you want to play the full game, go to Or, if you don't have money, you can play the eggplant demo, one of the most fully fleshed out demos, almost like the final game. for the last version of the eggplant demo, go to Or if you want to see the first draft, you can't really do that, there's no link yet, but the earliest version we know of was called "playtestin", you can see it being listed here, just underneath the "Rework" build.
its very great and a good game in general
i really cannot emphasize enough how much i enjoy this demo, its almost more of a full game than a demo with how many hours i put into S ranking every level.. that and the cowboy tasks brought a LOT of replayability and perfecting every single level really lets you take in how great the level design and control is.. the level design may just be my favorite aspect of the game cause it always feels fair and there always seems to be room for improvement and figuring out what would be the most optimal route for racking combos was almost like solving a puzzle, i love the whole aesthetic of pizza i adore all the art the control really the whole design theres very little flaws here that i can find asside from the few times the demo crashed on me, it really baffles me that the creator apparently had very little experience in game design before this seeing how rewarding and fun the design is, anyway i could gush about how perfect this game is forever but i just wanted to leave this review saying i am wholely excited for the full game and have been pestering everyone i know to check this demo out
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how do u play this?
An absolute true master piece, few games ever reach the heights of originality and sheer zany style that Pizza Tower flawlessly demonstrates, reaching sky high towards heavenly greatness. Navigating the main character through level after level of sheer insanity as you crawl towards the top is absolutely incredible! Extremely recommended!
That's it, I'm never eating pizza again.(joke)

High Points:
-It controls about as well as Wario Land 4 on GBA with all the absurdism of that game, only with a pizza theme.
I loved playing that game as a kid, and I enjoy playing it here, under a slightly different coat of sauce, er, cheese, er, paint.
-The main character, Peppino, and the world he's a part of have so much personality oozing from him, kinda like Wario as well~ The taunt button is so dumb, but it's so funny to just break into random poses, each a reference to something, while fighting literal slice wizards.

Tripping Point:
-As much as I like this game, I don't really care for the pizza theme, and I kinda started to understand why a friend of mine hates the look of oozing, melty cheese. It... kinda made me uncomfortable staring at it, and I don't really get physical reactions to game art so tame-looking. Maybe it's just me suffering from allergies, but....

Supreme pizza(i.e. Mixed Nuts):
-The artstyle ranges from looking very cartoony/80's-90's Hannah Barbera wierdness to... MS paint-esque. The ranking screen, especially,
feels wrong, to me, and I wish the linework was thickened up in places to make it look a bit better. I do appreciate the Borat reference on the A rank screen. :P
Pizza tower is an excellent love letter to the Wario land series (namely Wario Land 4) while also doing its own thing. I enjoyed my time greatly with it but ran into a few bugs (level 3 area blocks wouldn't respawn after being destroyed. Which sucks since you need speed to traverse upwards and the lava pit makes that very frustrating) and would have liked some controller support. But besides these qualms I have no complaints and look forward to the finished game.