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SAGE 2022 - Demo Bun 'N' Gun - Toybox demo

On top of the pun and gun name for this game, this game is fantastic.

+the songs are funky and really cool, please release an OST when the game eventually releases. (the stage song reminds me of pizza tower for some reason)
+grapple hook is so fun!
+glad to know there's people supporting this on patreon
+overall very promising game with lots of potential

-in the 2d section, I recommend the grapple hook works like the worm's ninja rope, you can shoot it but also extend/de-extend the rope.
-the gun doesn't feel needed, like it feels more of a speedrunning platformer than a gunner. you could have an aim button. while you hold down the aim button in mid air, time slows and gives you a chance to shoot. like BOTW air shots.
-instead of collecting apples, shouldn't a bunny know... carrots?
-(I used x box one controller) instead of using a right stick camera, using the left stick as a camera and movement was a little difficult but I got used to it.

I'm sure you have your own direction for making this game but these are my thoughts, hope they help.

keep going with this game! you can do it!
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Just wanna say, this game has so much potential!

Like the grappling hook physic mixed with Sonic-like gameplay is really neat. My only down point is the shoot mechanics, it feels like it's here just for the sake of being here, but it doesn't compliment the overhaul gameplay.
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