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New Profile Posts

  1. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    Looking forward to SAGE so I can release the new Hyper's Quest 2 demo.
  2. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan Neo Hazard
    I'm sorry about what happened with Hyper's Quest Mystic Warp. I had it taken down due to embarrassment, but I had it reuploaded recently.
  3. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    Progress on the Hyper's Quest remake is going...optimal. Honestly, I think it's turning into more of a sequel than simply a remake.
    1. SmashGamer likes this.
  4. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    The wait is finally over! The Hyper's Quest TiP demo is now available for download!
  5. Clouder
    >haven't logged on in about a month >still 3rd most active member lmao
    1. Sly4Good
      you're like that one kid that finishes all the class assignments early then never shows back up for the rest of the semester.
      Oct 9, 2017
  6. Perfect Chaos Zero
    Perfect Chaos Zero
    Rockets ain't for jumpin'! Who gave you that!?
  7. Jass
    I'm up all night to get nothing
    1. Sonikko likes this.
  8. Clouder
    Clouder Great Lange
    I thought birds didn't celebrate birthdays but Happy Birthday, just in case.
  9. DarkVampireDee
    DarkVampireDee Neo Hazard
    Make more review videos, they're more enjoyable and sophisticated
  10. Unlimited Trees