Music Who needs some jamming tunes?


Green Hill Zone
Mar 3, 2018
Yo what's popping? I go by the name of ScrewStache. I am a small YouTuber and a musician. I've been making music for over a year now and throughout this year I've made music for 2 Sonic Fan-Games,
Sonic Duality, and Sonic Calamity.

You can here those tracks here:!

I've also worked on a "scrapped" Fan-Game called "Sonic Islands" This is where you can hear the best music I've ever made!!!

If any of you are working on a game and need a couple tracks or a whole OST, I AM YOUR GUY!
Feel free to contact me through my email or through my Twitter

Also feel free to subscribe to my Youtube Channel!

And last but not least follow my SoundCloud!

Flame the hedgehog

Green Hill Zone
Sep 11, 2018
Thanks! I'm working on a video game, but development has been slow, since I can't install Unity on my Ultra-slow PC. All I can really do is sprite-work. So maybe don't expect me to request your services for a LONG time! Still a good offer, though. If my game becomes an indie title, I'll definitely credit you!