Hack Super Hard Mode - Sonic Adventure 2

Dry Paratroopa

Green Hill Zone
Aug 13, 2020
Hello, everyone! I'm the creator of the Super Hard Mode mod that's being presented at SAGE this year. I created this thread because I really want some feedback on the custom levels I made. Game design is my passion, and I want to pursue it as a career. Receiving feedback from players is a vital part of the design process, because that's how I'll know how well I did and, more importantly, what I can do better. Since this mod is being released in chunks, there's plenty of opportunity for feedback to make its way into the levels in the future. Catching bugs is also very helpful.

The best way to provide feedback is to fill out this Google form I created: https://forms.gle/XujJpit4ZAaanmVT7

I'll also keep an eye on this thread (and the comments section of the GameBanana page) if you want to make quick remarks. I appreciate anything!