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Jun 24, 2018
Seaside Hill/Ocean Palace
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC! And what way to celebrate his birthday by choosing this day to release...


This is basically a tails follow like you see in any other classic sonic game but this time isn't just for tails only AND it's available to the public. THERE IS NO SHADOW AS A PARTNER BECAUSE THAT DOES NOT WORK. Feel free to modify or use to your fan games as you wish but please give credit. This partner system was created by Carlos Ushiromiya, me(Ice), and Lighto. I worked really hard on this but without them I couldn't have gotten this done. If it weren't for Rifty who brought the team together this partner system would have never seen the light of day and I'm really happy all of our efforts didn't go to waste. So please make sure to give credit to Rifty, Carlos Ushiromiya, Ice, and Lighto and enjoy! We did our best to make sure this is waaay better than what was seen in Sonic Classic 1 or Sonic Axiom, not saying those where bad games, far bad in fact, don't even think about the word bad, those are some of my favorite sonic fangames and inspired me to work on this, so thank you Hez and Vector.

Making a partner system is arduous but that's exactly why we did it so you wouldn't have too. I'm pretty sure this is something most people wanted for a long time so just imagining the smiles on their faces puts a smile on my face. I made sure this project would be finished for you guys to put in your fan games and this seriously could not have been done without the help of everyone on the team. Please note that this isn't perfect(nothing is) and that this works with most but not all gimmicks since worlds wasn't built with 2player in mind. if they end up making a 2player version that's the one you should be waiting for but for people like me who wanted one now this is the best we could do.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy Sonic's special today with this!

Update 1: Animations
Update 2: being carried. flying is more smoothly and you can actually hit enemies and boxes after jumping off tails.
Update 3: Added grabbing sfx when player grabs on to tails(dunno how i forgot to add that in the first place). Fixed player not being able to hang onto things and drown when being carried by tails. Also fixed Tails(or any other partner) responding speed. they should fly faster or slower depending on how farther or close they are to the player just like in sonic 3/mania. Shield abilities are now canceled out when player is being carried. Partner doesnt respond next to the player but rather in the same coordinates as the player after responding from checkpoint(thanks for Techokami mentioning that to me i completely forgot silly me).
Update 3: reuploaded files to fix amy's spindash not disappearing.
Update 4: Fixed partner's bouncing when flying back to player.

DropBox: 1.5.2 w Partner.7z?dl=0

Oh what's that? You're a not so simple user like me? don't worry I gotchu not so simple fans covered.
Dropbox: w Partner.7z?dl=0

P.S you can change partners in-game.
For Delta 1.5.2 press "R"
For nss press "E"

Here are videos to showcase each version:
Delta 1.5.2
Not So Simple
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Aug 14, 2017
Really well done. Not every day you could see fan games with partner system, especially developed with Fusion, so that could open some opportunities!


Jul 21, 2018
this is super cool since for a long time the global value "partner" never got used. thanks for making this !! :emoji_clap::emoji_clap::emoji_clap: