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Shameless Recolor
Feb 25, 2018
I don't this you should call impossible mode... well impossible mode. (also i beat this with the drop dash :v)

its very good! level design is pretty good though even if there's difficulty modes, it fells lacking in replay-ability.
Okay, so while “impossible” may be a bit of a misnomer, I can definitely make it harder.

And I agree with you on replay-ability. That aspect can definitely be improved upon.

Thanks for the feedback!

I really enjoyed playing this. Excited to see more, good job.

As a side note, I also like the fact you are using the MAX engine, not a lot of fangames use that.
I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the positive words!


Shameless Recolor
Feb 25, 2018
Sonic Transitions v0.2.6 is here!
This beta (hopefully) fixes some bugs and technical issues from the SAGE 2020 demo.
I would be grateful if you would try this out and let me know how it runs. Specifically, I'm looking to fix areas with significant lag and/or slowdown. This is the most difficult area for me to test since my low end machine gave out on me.

If you notice any issues, please send me a message outlining:
  1. Where the issue took place
  2. What the 2 numbers in the bottom right corner said
  3. How to recreate the issue, if applicable
  4. Your machine specs (OS version, CPU, RAM, Graphics card, etc.)
Thank you!

  • The game doesn't play nice with controllers in XInput mode.
  • Alt-Tabbing out of the game in full screen breaks things.

This will be added to the first post as an update.


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Pixel the Bluechidna

Green Hill Zone
Oct 11, 2020
The demo was great! I could say Sally is something like a Hard mode, but I could defeat the Act 2 boss with both Sonic and Sally. I think this game will be good enough to gain popularity in the future