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Nov 20, 2018
SNA.png Hello everyone!

Presenting a fangame that only has a test level is a bit hard.
I wrote a very cheesy introduction for the game's really outdated website but you know what? I have nothing to hide. This is what I wrote:

"Really it all started because I wanted to learn to code, and I guess I am part of that Sonic fanbase that never got over the amazing experience that the Sonic Adventure games were.
Sure, they had flaws, but they delivered more than a game. Sonic Team delivered an experience, a feeling, a bunch of different emotions and sensations that made the Adventure series one of the most memorable era of the Sonic franchise.
My goal is to try and create that very same feeling I get every single time City Escape starts and the music, the camera angles and the decor put you in a world where Adventures do happen."
Do not ever quote me on that.

Sonic Neo Adventure is going to be a Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 style fangame with 13 stages, 7 bosses, and a new plot inspired from the very same feeling of impending danger the two adventure games convey.

All details concerning plot and bosses will be kept secret and only revealed to a select group of testers.

Except for Sonic's model that comes from SA2 (ripped by divx2k60) all assets are created by me. I might use other character models from SA1 and 2.
Right now I'm creating as many assets as I can, next in line being enemies. Sonic's movement and physics are in a comfortable place right now but will be eventually tweaked and enhanced.

I am a musician, and started this project not knowing anything about game design (and still know nothing!). Part of this project's objective is to force me to learn all this stuff. Been learning a lot, but on-the-go learning also means slow progress and limitations and several iterations of the same aspect of the game development's. Hopefully I'll get better.

I have created a Discord server for those who want to follow development more closely (daily screenshots and short clips). Also that's the first place where builds and updates will be available. Will do my best to keep this thread updated as well with each new build or big breakthrough.

Unless you know what you're doing, use an xbox360 controller or something that's mapped exactly the same.
Build 13 (11/24/2018): Download

Thanks for your time!

assets.PNG capsules.PNG goal pause menu.PNG Title.PNG


Green Hill Zone
Jun 15, 2020
Hey I don't know if this is still an ongoing project, but it's cool to see another fan inspired by the Adventure games' ambitions.