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Sonic & Max REV00 ( Help Needed )


Green Hill Zone
Dec 23, 2022
Hello Team SMT here, and this is Sonikku the Director. Im maling a Sonic 1 Remake with beta, proto, concept art stuff included in the game! We got not so far much stuff accomplished, but with your or anyone's theres help we could speed up and go super sonic speed. So im searching for Coders across the discord servers and communities with sites. And so far haven't got to many people...but Без названия83_20221223173900.png If you have an PC and could do coding and editing some levles with a tool we use in rsdk or any other sonic engine, then... the art says it so I won't say it. Anyways hope to see someone new!
Alos here some anser of questions:
How many people are on the team? - there are 18 people on the dev team.
Who are the people working on the project? - I can't tell everybody, but here are some: Chazdoesstuff, Charlie Hotty, SombdrAbsol, Green Spirit, Arcany and ect.
Can you tell more about the Project? - I will tell more in later posts.
Well that's all you need to know for right now, goodbye.


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