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Nov 19, 2019
Hey guys! New here... I was wondering what are the best Sonic fan games available to download to an Android device aside from PC? I have an Amazon FireTV (which runs Android) with a game controller. I'm trying to find some great fan made stuff that would be playable on it. I just saw a trailer for something called Sonic Smackdown and all roads about it lead me here.

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Apr 26, 2017
Happen to come across this when checking a couple things so sure, why not.

Point blank, there's currently no fan games I'm aware that have controller support on Android. I've got no idea how viable that is, but from what I understand, it's a bit of a drag to do. That being said, if you have something besides your FireTV and don't mind a touch screen, here's a few games to check out:

SONIC PROJECT S: This is a music game, kinda like DDR. You gain rings and unlock more songs as you play. Truth be told, I found the touch screen version pretty cumbersome and it seemed to on detecting my inputs but it might've updated since.

Sonic SMS Remake: An entire remake of Sonic 1 on the Master System, with a bunch of extra characters and features. Touch screen controls work pretty well, all things considered.

Teabat!: This one's not a Sonic game but it's probably the best one outta these three for mobile. It's a platformer where you collect teapots and fight ghosts. The touchscreen controls are insanely tight to the point that you'd think it was made for it. We're still baffled at how well it works. Give it a whirl if you can.

If touch screens aren't your thing (and I mean, who wants to use 'em,) or you only have that FireTV, then you might wanna hold out a couple more weeks for the Sonic Hacking Contest. There's plenty of good to great Genesis emulators on Android and quite a few hacks you can download and play on there without too much trouble. YouTube has some tutorials on how to get roms going and since the Genesis doesn't need any special bios or anything, it's pretty straight forward. Best of all, perfect controller support! If you wanna give that a try before the contest, check out Phantom Gear, a sick homebrew game getting a full release next year, and Hellfire Saga, a hack that puts Sonic in a more Ghosts n Goblins-esque game (and will have a more complete version at the SHC, but is still sick enough to check out now.)

Hope that helps, enjoy!


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Oct 2, 2019
Hey there! I don't know if this is what you're looking for (probably isn't), but my (Work-In-Progress) classic sonic engine should run on just about any device with a decent web browser. It uses the JS Gamepad API, though I can't say that I've tested that support on Android. It also has touchscreen controls for phones or tablets.

You can find a live demo here:


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Mar 29, 2020
BrazSonic 20XX, my game, thanks to Game Maker Studio albeit all its issues

And wonder why we are not allowed upload android or iOS game files here in SFGHQ Showcase :(

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Jul 31, 2020
por favor me ajude a conseguir baixa esse jogo por favor precisa
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