Fan Game Sonic Factory (Mini Maker)


Green Hill Zone
Mar 27, 2020
Sonic Factory (previously known as Mini Maker) is a quick-easy level editor built in the Clickteam Fusion 2.5+ engine. It takes inspiration from LapperDev's Sonic Studio aswell as Super Mario Maker 2, and aims for a quick and small experience.

b9857bda18607a04415eadfd1b5647d6.gif You can add ground quick and easy
1a4d4a982c083e41881ae33acf4f07d6.gif You can rotate springs in any way you want

300a75cec5864f54028e931c0c7085f1.gif Or you can add the monitor you like!

9699 Possibilities are endless! And for you newbies, don't worry, we addin' a tutorial explaining all the basics needed to start building!

This project has mainly been a passion project, spanning development of 6 months at this point, which is insane!
It has all been developed by me. Up to the core framework to the graphical editor, its done by yo boi FanBoi.

Supposed release date: Somewhere in 2020-2021
(jeez i didnt align this page nicely, oh well)​
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