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Fan Game Shadow Omega Realm

Discussion in 'Creation Labs' started by Illias3000, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Illias3000

    Illias3000 D Rank Member

    • Messages: 16
    • Likes Received: 11
    Time to finally create a thread for this fangame then.

    Welcome to Shadow Omega Realm, now with 10% More Edge!

    What is Shadow Omega Realm:
    Shadow Omega Realm is basically a Sonic fangame with Shadow as the main focus instead of Sonic.
    It takes place in an alternate timeline where Shadow actually did something while Eggman was trying to take over the World changing up the events of Sonic Forces.

    Eggman discovers the Phantom Ruby, a gem which can bend and alter Reality. Which he creates several copies from, one of which is used on Shadow Android, An android Replica of Shadow. He then uses the original ruby to defeat Sonic and abduct him into Null Space, a place where "nothing" exists. Leaving no one except Shadow & His Companion: Rouge to save the world.

    Will Shadow be able to save Sonic and stop Eggman's plan?

    Or will he join Shadow Android and make a step back into The Dark side? Find out in Shadow Omega Realm!

    Additional Content:
    There is also an Episode Sonic, which explains how Sonic was abducted and what happend to Tails and Knuckles.

    Playable Characters:

    Shadow The Hedgehog - The Edgelord
    Sonic The Hedgehog - The Blue Blur.
    Shadow Android - The Antihero which also is an robot.
    Mighty The Armadillo - Unlockable Character, can only be unlocked in Episode Sonic




    DerZocker - Mecha Green Hill Tileset
    DanielMania123 - Aerial Highway, Title Card & Treetop Tramway
    Gardow, Cylent Nite, The Sprite Lord, Karahni Popus, Cyclone TE, Charity, HellJumper5252 - Shadow sprites
    SketchAnimations - Sonic Running Sprites
    Mod.Gen Rocket - Sonic117007
    Factory Background - Jebo14
    Sonic Hybrid Spritesheet - Shinbaloona
    True Power of Teamwork - Genz Engine itself

    Hexagonal, Sonikast, Josh, TAS1991, Voltrix, Dolphman (Retrobunyip), Soup Taels, Speed_Blitz69 - Spriters
    Soup Taels, Pvic - Coders
    Speed_Blitz69, Alex Falkenberg, Landy - Musicians

    Current Voice Cast:
    Landy - Sonic
    Shane Leath - "Teen" Tails
    Trevguy - Knuckles
    Alex Falkenberg - Shadow Android
    BlueBlur720 - Shadow
    Silent-Angel - Rouge


    [Not available until SAGE 2019]
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
  2. Hexagonal

    Hexagonal dope.

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    yo nice my friend
  3. Illias3000

    Illias3000 D Rank Member

    • Messages: 16
    • Likes Received: 11
    Thnx ma dude
  4. Shadow MasterX5

    Shadow MasterX5 E Rank Member

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  5. Illias3000

    Illias3000 D Rank Member

    • Messages: 16
    • Likes Received: 11
    Thnx :P
  6. WizToad

    WizToad Wait who's this guy?

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  7. Illias3000

    Illias3000 D Rank Member

    • Messages: 16
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    oh hi wiz