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The person behind sonic 1 the rise of eggman hack
Sep 2, 2022
Canada boi
So i wish to make a sonic engine on android or windows but my windows is broken so android is my only go. Most programs i use with exagear refuse to load and closes them at a instant. Or stay in there loading screen never to load. And a few programs such as sonic 1 special stage editor can run but a error occurs making it close. Is there any better windows emulators out there for android that can run 64bit programs to make my fan game on Android?


Nov 3, 2017
You *really* don't want to develop any sort of games directly on an Android device (tablet/phone). Besides the general lack of keyboard and mouse, there simply isn't an environment for cross-compiling Windows software on Android. Similarly, emulating Windows on an Android device is an exercise in frustration: the entire CPU needs to be emulated, which is very slow. (For reference, most Android software is developed using a PC, rather than coding directly on the tablet/phone.)

What exactly is "broken" on your Windows computer?
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