Project Burst - Game Pitch/Brainstorm (Any Suggestions are Welcomed)


Green Hill Zone
Jun 13, 2019
Premise: a re-interpretation of the first Sonic The Hedgehog game into a beat-em-up/platformer hybrid with a bit of puzzles (A mix of Super Fancy Pants Adventure, Rayman Legends, and Classic Sonic).The Game is to have 2d hand-drawn characters with 3d cell-shaded environments. The Playable characters can enter a state called "Chaos Burst" Where the their Speed and Attack Drastically rise.

Pictured Above: Mock up of Project Burst- 2d characters in a 3d cell-shading world

Goal: Create a game Combat and Exploration are intertwined with Speed being a common factor.

Story- Dr.Robotnik, crazy evil scientist, has ambitions to take over the world, he has the weapons and machines, but doesn’t have the adequate power source. So stuck between a rock and a hard place,and after researching ancient civilizations Robonik discovered he can use “Chaos Energy”.Formed by all living things and can naturally form into “Rings”, this energy can not only power machines but can empower organic life, but even the rings are not enough, but he can always harness the energy from living things for now. So Robotnik discovered ancient tablets that told of 7 powerful gems that have a direct link to the planet, and can give the user near limitless energy. So after searching all the corners of the globe, he found an artipelago that had a large reading of chaos energy.
Enter Sonic the Hedgehog and Mach Rabbit, two thrill seeking teenagers that love to run and explore their home of Christmas Island, They have a large group of friends and they are about to take a trip to South Island for a vacation, they packed their things and get on the boat, but Sonic and Mach stayed behind due to Sonic having a fear of water. But not wanting to Miss out, they prepare to fly there using Sonic’s biplane: the Tornado. But before they can set out, the boat returns, the captain of the ship then tells Sonic and Mach that their friends have been captured by a bunch of robots, so Sonic and Mach without a second thought hop onto the Tornado, and Hurry to South island.

Zones(Not Finalized) :

Tutorial Level
Christmas Island Town - a small town that has various shops and stuff
Hanger- Where to start and continue the story (and if you beat the story you can play any level)
Green Hill Zone- A beautiful coastline valley, home to the famous checkered pattern of the rocks and its plateaus shaped like loop-de-loops
Bridge Valley Zone- A large set of Valleys and mountains with a large network of bridges and Gondolas
Jungle Swing Zone- A large jungle that covers most of the lower parts of the south island, Filled with large trees that has their branches and trunks weave like rails,Vines that provide an easy method of traveling, and is home to several large waterfalls
Marble Magma Zone- the entrance to the Labyrinth ruins, a temple that has been torn apart due to seismic activity, lava flows like water in a river.
Chaos Labyrinth Zone- A underground ruins that are filled with crystals and is home to a giant emerald that glows like the stars. The labyrinth has a giant river and various traps.
Springyard Zone- An under construction amusement park that has both construction equipment and fun jumping pads and bungee sling shots, but the safety features are not yet implemented
Starlight City Zone- A city with huge speedways and is famous for the fact that the sky has a constant aura borealis and it glimmers like the stars, even in the day time.
Scrap Brain Zone- an abandoned factory that has a direct line to robotnik’s base, Used to manufacture old weapons and military vehicles, it’s very rusty and creepy
(Eggman’s base)
Sky Base Zone-Robotniks' Airship, its your job to bring it crashing down

Playable Characters:

Both Characters can be swapped (See Sonic Mania Plus' Encore mode)

Sonic - A smart mouthed, quick witted, and cocky teenager, Sonic always get into trouble as fast he gets out of it due to his smart alec behavior, but despite all that he is always ready to defend his friends. (A mix of the Fleetway comics,the SatAM, and canon)
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Pictured Above: Sonic in Chaos Burst Mode

Mach The Rabbit - Very hyperactive and alert, Mach (despite being slightly older than Sonic) acts like a child ,he can (and will) expend too much energy and most likely pass out. Acting mostly on impulse he says and does stuff chaotic and fast.
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