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Fan Game Ninjakoopas: Heroes of Light [NOW RECRUITING!]

Discussion in 'Creation Labs' started by DashNK, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. DashNK

    DashNK The Shell Saint

    • Messages: 6
    • Likes Received: 2
    ???: SILENCE!!!! TO ALL....
    The Seven... SPRINT Stones... Will be mine... and I... WILL R U L E T H E W O R L D
    *Evil Demonic Distorted Laughter*


    NInjakoopas: Heroes of Light is an upcoming Fan-Game by The Shellsquad, NKGaming, and DashNK himself. Race Through 17 Areas as Dash and Strike and Blast Through Prison Chambers as Jem and Ember, to save all from eternal darkness on the world of Mushroom Planet.

    2002, An unknown threat has risen, Little does our little scaly friend known as Dash realize, he was granted an enormous amount of energy from The Seven Star Spirits, along with his 3 brothers, Strike, Jem, and Ember, Each Granted with their own special ability.

    During the summer of 2005, a great disaster had struck Dash and his Bros.' hometown, Shatterville. It wasn't too late after, a mysterious Cyber-Demon-like creature whom looked a lot like a Shy-Guy, Threatened Dash and his Brother Strike, to not get in the way of his plans face the consequences of Death, However, Dash refuses to listen and sets forward on a quest to save the Crosslands Kingdom, and the entire world.

    Select Previews:



    Will Dash and his fellow brother, Strike, be able to save the world? Find out in Ninjakoopas: Heroes of Light!

    Dash and Strike: NO-Body the Dragon, GamerZ1, DashNK, Mumbo McBurger, BT

    The "Golden Gadget" (HUD) : BT, DashNK

    Great Gorge - Section 1:
    Tiles - DashNK, BT
    Background - DashNK, BT

    Cargo Canyon - Section 1:
    Tiles - DashNK, BT
    Background - Sonic Team, DashNK

    Lightning Lift - Section 1:
    Tiles - DashNK, BT
    Background - DashNK, BT

    Red Rift - Section 2:
    Tiles - Sly4Good, DashNK, Sonic Team,
    Background - Ziggums

    Objects (? Blocks, Coins, Springs, ETC.):
    Nintendo, DashNK, BT

    Goombot - Nintendo, DashNK, xHardlyNormal


    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
  2. Misinko

    Misinko Feel the the fire! Break your vision!

    • Messages: 41
    • Likes Received: 13
    Characters are lookin' a little small in comparison to their environments/objects in their environment. Might wanna scale your objects down some so everything blends together better.
  3. DashNK

    DashNK The Shell Saint

    • Messages: 6
    • Likes Received: 2
    Yeah It's still really really REALLY early in development, things shall change as I move forward
  4. B0M

    B0M Lilark

    • Messages: 18
    • Likes Received: 8
    but dis isnt sanik related
  5. DashNK

    DashNK The Shell Saint

    • Messages: 6
    • Likes Received: 2
    It has sonic physics and sounds, plus it's created using a major overhaul of the Sonic World Delta Engine. It's a Sonic-based adventure that takes place in the Mario world.
  6. DimensionWarped

    DimensionWarped Resuming Dangerous Status

    • Messages: 18
    • Likes Received: 10
    I'll keep an eye on it, but you might want to put a little more work into having a cohesive style. Different sized unit 'pixels' make things look messy in some areas. This is especially apparent in the large goomba sprite and the spring.
  7. Clouder

    Clouder The one and only

    • Messages: 49
    • Likes Received: 25
    Oh hey, Dash! It's been a while, hasn't it? Your game's looking top-notch sprite-wise, despite the springs and the goomba slightly clashing. Keep it up!
  8. Mors

    Mors maryo flashback

    • Messages: 40
    • Likes Received: 28

    I can't really comment on the gameplay, but the idea sounds cool. the graphics seems to be all over the place. There are a lot of stuff that are resized 2x, resulting with pixel sizes that don't match. There's also some style and palette inconsistency, especially on the title screen.
  9. DashNK

    DashNK The Shell Saint

    • Messages: 6
    • Likes Received: 2
    Yo man! Thanks for the Input!
    Quick note: Sonic Boost is still in the making but its on hold due to this project.

    I'm starting to see what you guys are saying, Pixel-wise it does need some polishing. The Goombot is supposed to be that big, but I gotta tone down the pixels a bit. As for the palette, I have no plans for a dynamic palette, Its multicolored for a reason, It's trying to mimic the classic games, yet be original on it's own color spectrum.
    Along with that, the Title Screen does look off-style and I'm aware, Will be changed as soon as I can get around to it. If you guys have any more questions or constructive criticism on graphics let me know so I can add/fix them.
  10. RetroRespecter

    RetroRespecter E Rank Member

    • Messages: 30
    • Likes Received: 5
    This is a nice change of pace. Will the Ninja Koopas have weapons?
  11. DashNK

    DashNK The Shell Saint

    • Messages: 6
    • Likes Received: 2
    No, they will not. However, there will be an unlock-able for one if you collect a certain amount of items. All 4 Heroes will have their own abilities though.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
  12. DashNK

    DashNK The Shell Saint

    • Messages: 6
    • Likes Received: 2
    Heyo! I'm now recruiting new members for The Shellsquad!
    I'm currently looking for Spriters, 2D Animators, Concept Artists and Level Designers. If you wish to hear more information, contact me on my discord: Dash(NK) Sprint#6579
  13. WizToad

    WizToad Wait who's this guy?

    • Messages: 27
    • Likes Received: 12
    Looks really interesting so far! I will say the graphics kinda swtich between good and messy every now and then. In some areas, the sprites look beautifully with lots of colour and detail in them. Other times though... it looks unpolished and kinda all over the place. One example of this is the background in the first screenshot. But apart from that, keep up the good work my guy.