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Hack Miles Tails Prower Fix

Tails Tube

Green Hill Zone
Nov 6, 2023
Warning: this mod is now on Gamebanana(
This mod fixes some "problems" with Tails's sprites on Sonic 3 A.I.R, and adds a "real" Super Tails(with animations based on Super Tails from Sonic Heroes).

You need a mod called Separate Super and Hyper sprites for the Super sprites work.
Screenshot_20240521-191111_Sonic 3 AIR.jpg
Screenshot_20240503-145141_Sonic 3 AIR.jpg Screenshot_20240505-125328_Sonic 3 AIR.jpg Screenshot_20240505-124923_Sonic 3 AIR.jpg Screenshot_20240505-124934_Sonic 3 AIR.jpg Screenshot_20240521-190918_Sonic 3 AIR.jpg Screenshot_20240503-150310_Sonic 3 AIR.jpg
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