Looking to Embed in a Sonic Fangame


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Nov 3, 2020
Hi folks!

I'm a graduate student at UCSC's GPM program. As part of one of my classes on user research, I'm supposed to conduct a qualitative ethnographic study on a games-centric community. This is to be an introductory exercise on how to conduct safe, ethical, and productive research.

I am fascinated by fangame projects. Fangames, as an outsider looking in, seem so much more complex than other forms of fan-media like fanart, fan-fiction, and cosplay. Things like A2MR, Black Mesa, Touhou and Sonic fangames have piqued my curiosity because of their complexity, sophistication, and development timelines. I am curious as to how these groups find each other, organize, get work done, handle relationships with IP owners, and generally function as a volunteer-driven effort.

I'm looking to embed and lurk within a Sonic fangame project. In order conduct this practice study, I'm supposed to observe social interactions and practices within a team, as well as conduct a limited range of interviews.

Access to a fangame team's internal Slack or forums would be immensely helpful in getting this project done. The results of this project will not be published anywhere, so you can be confident that this project won't sic your project and get it shut down by the IP owners. I would ideally need access for a period of three weeks.

If you're interested in helping me out by granting me access to your team for this paper, please let me know! I think it'll be fun and interesting.