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Fan Game Hyper's Quest 2: Development Log

Discussion in 'Creation Labs' started by HyperSonic Fan, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. HyperSonic Fan

    HyperSonic Fan D Rank Member

    • Messages: 34
    • Likes Received: 25
    Hyper's Quest: Tube-iverse in Peril is the sequel to the ridiculously bad Hyper's Quest: Mystic Warp. Starting out as a remake, it's been recently confirmed by me (the developer) that it's a sequel as it has multiple callbacks to the previous game.

    The story

    Dr. Eggman/Robotnik has just finished working on his latest invention: a symbiote-powered robot wasp, infused with a few elements from data collected by the now destroyed Phantom Ruby. Being fed up with Sonic's popularity on social media, Eggman plots to take over said social media and steal his fanbase. In the process of unleashing his new robot, however, Eggman uses the terms "Sonic" and "Tuber". The robot, hearing these words, mistook it for one word, and the robot glitched up and overrode the doctor's orders, setting out to capture Sonic's fans and him with it. Dr. Eggman sets off after the robot and takes a legion of his robots with him in order to capture the rogue robot and stop him before things get out of control.

    Days later, the deed is done, and the SonicTubers are captured.

    Meanwhile, a distraught Hyper is in a deep depression, unable to take his mind off his recent adventure, and the trouble he went through thanks to the Mystic Warp Pad, which was in his garage for some unknown reason. Just then, Sonic and Knuckles show up. Sonic turns on the TV and they explain what's going on, saying how they need his help.

    Hyper questions their reasoning at first, but ultimately decides to tag along anyway. But then, Knuckles finds the Mystic Warp Pad, which angers Hyper. He states they shouldn't use it, saying how he was affected by a glitch (actually using fourth wall breaks by mentioning the first game's bad collision detection, messy physics and ludicrous boss fight) and that it could happen all over again.

    They use it anyway, despite his resistance to do so.

    Windows users, you can download an early version of the 2nd demo before it's released publicly. However, I have to warn you: it's OVERWHELMINGLY unfinished. The Tech Demo will be published soon, and with it more details.

    Made with the Sonic Max Engine...I have yet to add in the splash screen.

    Tech Demo Early Access (windows):

    A, S, or D to jump
    A to use shields as Hyper, homing attack as Sonic, or glide as Knuckles
    S is just swapped for Hyper and Sonic, and a standard jump for Knuckles

    A + up to Rocket Jump (beta)
    A + down to Stomp (also beta)

    S + down to Drop Dash
    Sonic has more than one jump dash, so if you miss an enemy, you have nothing to worry about

    Super Sonic coming soon (no, Hyper's not Super Sonic. Let the events of the last game be a mistake on my part)

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  2. HyperSonic Fan

    HyperSonic Fan D Rank Member

    • Messages: 34
    • Likes Received: 25
    The story has undergone a few slight changes recently.
  3. HyperSonic Fan

    HyperSonic Fan D Rank Member

    • Messages: 34
    • Likes Received: 25
    One more thing. This originally was on its own thread, but then I remembered...

    To be brief, I need:

    +An animator for the game's new intro and (possibly) ending
    +A new sprite artist or two (other than myself and another person)
    +Someone who knows how to program bosses in the Sonic Max Engine

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated
  4. HyperSonic Fan

    HyperSonic Fan D Rank Member

    • Messages: 34
    • Likes Received: 25
    Nevermind the bosses part. I've already got that covered.
  5. HyperSonic Fan

    HyperSonic Fan D Rank Member

    • Messages: 34
    • Likes Received: 25
    Huge Hyper's Quest 2 update:

    Tails Channel Zone is being replaced by Cyber Edge Zone.