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Hello, my name is Scootie (Boujieshin)


Fellow Baja Enjoyer
Apr 13, 2022
Hey there, I'm Scootie, I'm a freelance traditional artist. I mostly do character design and sometimes some splash page stuff. I'm also a director for a fighting game titled Blazing Worldstars, which I do have plans to try introducing for Sage'22 this year. Most of what influences me comes from some anime/manga titles, fighting games, and some of the older, niche titles from Sega.

Favorite things:
  • King of Fighters
  • John Carpenter's classic films
  • Sega's arcade racers and light gun games
  • Love for the ocean

While I would share my socials, it wouldn't be in the guidelines here, but I can share the social page for the game I've been directing for the last year and a half now.

Blazing Worldstars on Twitter
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