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Genesis Size Templates For Fan Games


Friendly Vampire Pixel Artist
Hi everyone, DarkVampireDee here but you can call me DVD for short, everyone else does : )
This is a small guide to start off on your fan game, mostly for proper tile size measurements.
Everything has been provided by yours truly.
The measurements of the templates size are in 128x128 (64x64 will come soon folks)

Here's a example on how to use it properly
Color guide has been provided as well.

Hope this will help you in your journey of perusing your Sonic fan game.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll provide as much help as I can.

Ps. I always update the templates when it's needed, I'll provide custom templates for free (whenever it gets to that point)


Friendly Vampire Pixel Artist
Sorry for the long absence here, I have been pretty busy with projects here and there while dealing with life.

Here are some slopes from Knuckles Chaotix and CD. There will be more spin ball tunnel thing tile soon like the ones from Palmtree Panic.

Important News:
About those templates from Sonic Advance series, sorry that I haven't posted them yet, like I said, busy with projects and dealing with life here. Hopefully it'll come, sorry to keep to all those who are waiting for it.


Friendly Vampire Pixel Artist
Hey guys, it's DVD here bringing you more templates but this time it's the Sonic Advance series. The measurements are quite different from the Genesis counterpart with more curves and slopes [all kinds, good lord it was a nightmare to deal with!]. Again I apologized for the long wait for this, life happens pretty much [and still surviving].

And yes I included the skinny pole thing for the grinding.
The full tile size are 96x96 [which is different than the Genesis 128x128].
So the proper measurements for you to use for your tile patterns are either 24x24 or 48x48.

Hope this guide/tutorial helps out everyone.
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