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Fangames aren't better than the Official Titles.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jayson Jean, May 5, 2019.

  1. Jayson Jean

    Jayson Jean Jayson Jean Channel

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    This has been a issue that's really had a sense of annoyance towards me, which is the phrase "Fangames are better than anything SEGA has ever done." Which is flat out untrue. Now an argument on how the fans can have more interesting ideas for the blue blur is something for debate, but the formal isn't. Fangames are inferior for many reasons. For one is a lack of original assets. And not just fact that the assets already belong to SEGA, many fangames often reuse many assets like levels and playstyles, with virtually no sense of a proper identity, like having level ports with the same control scheme from the game it was borrowed from,or having giant level layouts full of assets and not much of a flow going on. But I think the absolute worst of this phrase is when it's aimed towards Engines, like a literal sandbox when the player just runs around testing things for about 20 minutes. Meaning that you mind more enjoyment in a sandbox, than a full fledged game?
  2. Gnidel

    Gnidel E Rank Member

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    I think it depends. There are fangames that I consider to be above some official games, like Sonic Before the Sequel/Sonic After the Sequel/Sonic Chrono Adventure series or Sonic Time Twisted which I consider to be better than most classics. And even official games lack originality and reuse assets these days, especially Mania which seems to have infected fangame scene with it's approach to assets reused without even recoloring them. And recoloring is a fantastic tool that can hide that something is not original.

    I agree about test stages for engines and lazy ports. I think there is a noticeable disconnect between people of many talents, mostly in terms of 3D games. There are some great programmers, so they program and make all those wonderful "better than Sonic Team" engines without creating stages. Level designers do mods and levels to Sonic World instead of new games. Writers write, artists create, musicians make music. All separately and there are not many people that do a little bit of everything to make a unique experience or pull together a team.

    Actually this problem is the reason why I'm making my own 3D fangame. To not just complain but do something with it. Are there reused assets? Sure, but in different context and mixed with some other freely available resources. Unity terrain is abused. Music is all from other games with some Creative Commons sprinkled in (and few original songs from a friend which I initially didn't plan). After all, I do a fangame instead of original game to not bother with creating all that stuff. But there will be a story, original areas and focus on giving it a sense of identity with the theme of being stranded and actually finishing it instead of doing 1 rushed demo. I'm sure it won't be "better than Sega", but I want to give example that something original can be done without original assets, to make less people do Emerald Coast port number 12313243 because Mania in 3D but to focus on game's own identity. Even if it's not "better than Sega" or even "better than Sega at its worst".

    More or less if it's an original story or has a story, it most likely will stick out somehow. This is why I have soft spot to projects like Sonic Unfinished that took a really funny and well animated movie made by BalenaProductions and added levels to it or Sonic Overcharged where there is an edgy Classic Sonic-like new hedgehog and Sonic and Tails have sweet talk over radio or Sonic Resistance rolls with concept of war from Forces but actually uses the concept with injured NPC and soldiers guarding streets (I can't wait for full version of this one). Are demos of those games better than Sega? I don't think so, but they sure have a sense of identity. And I love them for that and I want to see more of games like that. Those have real potential to be "better than Sega" after enough polish.