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Engine Choice Troubles.


Green Hill Zone
Sep 2, 2022
Hi I'm an artist with no programming background, and I'm having trouble picking an engine to focus on.

Ultimately I want a Snatcher-like game with SMT-like overworld map and dungeons tacked on. The combat system I want is going to be a pain in itself to figure out, but I'd do small projects first to get to know the engine I want to work in first before I think about working on this project. However I don't want to have to learn from scratch over and over again, so I thought I'd ask here what type of engine would be best suited for something like a visual novel with RPG elements like this. I currently own Game Maker Studio 2, but I'm willing to work with anything like Godot or Unity.

I also found someone who did 2d maze structures like SMT and Phantasy Star 1's dungeons have on GB Studio. I'd also like to know if looking at their work would help me replicate something similar in GMS 2 or Godot, or is that engine too different from those two?