Fan Game El Akelarre de Lola - Sonic x Lola Indigo (v1)


El Erizo Sónico
Feb 15, 2021
Cáceres, Extremadura

(Video title and description available in English, though Spanish is default, and I added English subtitles)

"El Akelarre de Lola" is a platform video game starring Spanish singer and dancer Lola Indigo and with gameplay largely inspired by the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. A crazy crossover between a music star and a video game series made in Lua using framework LÖVE2D as a base. By the way, the title is in Spanish and "akelarre" is a Basque word meaning "witch reunion" or "witch ritual".

This is my first ever complete video game, starting as an academic project. I recreated most of the classic Sonic physics (except slopes) from the ground up, as well as some collectibles, spikes, springs and powerups. All pixel art was done by me, but not without using other sprites I found as a base to teach myself. The game's story and settings are all about Lola Indigo, so nobody from outside her fandom will understand certain decisions such as the enemy design -nevertheless, I dare you to find out each enemy's significance.

This first version (v1) contains three levels plus a final boss, and is available in both Spanish and English. It's still missing some featues such as particle effects, moving platforms, level scenery and other powerups, which I plan to add later. Check the video description for a download link!

The font is not the most legible, I'm aware of that, but I chose it because of how it fits the witch theme. Feel free to notify me of any other problems you find. Also tell me whether I should add this game to Showcase at its current state!

By the way, I'm very proud of the final boss! I managed to make it very close to my ideal Sonic vs Metal Sonic battle, with very simple AI code too!

Music by Shane "CobaltBW" Ellis, taken from the SRB2 OST. "Little Witch" font by Brythos Type.

And if you want to check out Lola Indigo's music, here's her YouTube channel.