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Jan 25, 2019
Core Framework is trash because:
Multi-Level support doesn't exist (I.E the game crashes when opening,closing, or trying to go to a different level)
Terrible Controls (Keyboard keys A,S and D are using and you can't change them.) {Yes, I have tried to change the default controls and it didn't work}
Not compatible with older version of Clickteam Fusion/Multimedia Fusion (You have to use CF2.5+ or also known as CF2.6)
Doesn't run well with All AMD setups (AMD Ryzen {CPU} and RNDA 2{Graphics} Chips)
No multi-Monitor support (It doesn't use more than 2 monitors even though this was made a few months after Sonic Mania released {Multi-Monitors were popular})

*I know this doesn't matter anymore as Core Framework Plus/2.0 is coming to SAGE 2020*

Core Framework wasn't designed to be a "Game Engine" so I did a mod to it called "Core Framework Legacy" which makes designing for level editing... Some people used it.

Sadly the piece of shit "nihilist" took it down because DarkMK3 or {Sonic assumer} told him it was "stealing" (Once again I never said it was mine {If any of you had fucking braincells then you would have known}.

Yes, I know the voice over is bad, and I haven't corrected any spelling or grammar missates .
Everything I did on this engine was with love and I tried to bring the best experience possible for Clickteam Fusion 2.5. I am not obliged to do any of this and if you want other features, then if you want all of this, do it yourself. But it is always easier to blame others for your incompetence and lack of knowledge to create something, isn't it? When the Plus version of this "trash framework" be released, I hope you will stay away from it. Make your own shit and forget that I exist.
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Valera the random man

Green Hill Zone
May 24, 2020
Excuse me, i got core on my old pc. (because I managed to download the core framework on my old pc before the link was closed) How to create bosses?